The core objectives for launching this Global Community portal are to:

1. Empower the Shipping Industry people and handhold everyone to grow together.

2. Remove overhead costs and provide a lifetime FREE database for shipping companies looking for suitably qualified and trained seafarers, marine/technical consultants and shore staff.

3. Provide direct access to potential candidates for jobs being posted by shipping companies and removing the chain of agents potentially exploiting our brethren.

4. Ensure easy access to quality seafarers to join vessels at short notice, when required.

5. Provide a quality platform for job seekers at sea and ashore.

6. Provide quality Marine/Technical Consultants at short notice, anywhere in the world at the most economical cost to the Owners/Managers

7. HELP seafarers who have had to pay service fee and have been cheated by these fraudulent agents by registering on the portal & sharing their experience.

Our Vision is to:

1. Be the digital platform of choice the world over, where service comes before profitability.

2. Constantly upgrade our services with the help of community members reviews.

3. Introduce Entrepreneurs from the shipping industry trying to build a business outside the shipping field to bring global visibility to them.

4. Provide Finance education in trading/forex industry/crypto industry/Mutual funds/shares etc

5. Create an Emergency Monetary Fund for like minded people similar to P&I club, to help the community member in obtaining small loans at an interest rate lesser than banks

6. Provide Special discounts from retail stores while purchasing electronic items for self and family, as a recognition of being KEY WORKERS, else social media slogan of seafarers are key workers is just a slogan.

7. Provide Special discounts while taking Life, Medical or Vehicle Insurance

8. Allow people to connected with Life coaches and mentors for mental health and wellness

9. Introduce shipping community to the concept of Law of attraction, to only attract positive energy for your family and growth

10. Introduce to Grapho-therapy to affect positive changes in your personality, heal any ailments

11. Provide health and wellness wakefulness, trekking trips (or similar social events) for seafarers and tending to the well-being of their families.

12. Book travel and tour through our travel partner that happens to be start up by a 2/Eng

13. Assist in taxing times with the help of our Global partners, where you can enjoy your few left days on vacation with a peace of mind

14. Bring all Colleges on a single platform to help candidates in booking courses.