Salary : Negotiable

Posted : 15th Jun, 2022

Job ID : BMI0439529

Job Details


1. Work with internal stakeholders to understand their vessel requirements.

2. Visiting vessels from time to time to access requirements of spare parts, engine parts, etc.

3. Evaluate equipment suppliers and negotiate purchasing agreements for equipment / spare parts, etc.

4. Also contacting various suppliers/vendors and getting a minimum of 3 quotes and then negotiating and comparing the quotes and selecting the L1 quote.

5. Co-ordinating with the transporters for shipment of the goods to the vessel

6. Ensure that purchases comply with commercial, legal, and contractual obligations

7. Preparation of documentation (shipping bill, commercial invoice, packing list, etc.) that is required in the shipment of the goods to vessels either by road if within India or airfreight if the ship is outside India.

8. Liaising and following up with air freight forwarders/transporters for shipment of goods.

9. Select, evaluate and put together a supplier base and transporters base and develop close business relations with chosen suppliers/transporters

10. Strong negotiation and communication skills to conduct negotiations in regard to the quality of material and commercials – price, etc.

11. Able to communicate effectively and draft emails and letters. Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, and Excel.